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Saturday, October 6, 2018

How to make Holi Powder?? Happy Holi 2019

How to make Holi Powder :   if you don't know the Holi Powder and you are searching for the Holi Powder to learn the Holi Powder. then you are in the right place. 

                   Today I'm going to share How To make Holi Powder for you guys. so, that by this How To Make Holi Powder in English article you can properly learn about the holi 2019 information.

holi powder 2019

Holi Powder

Holi Powder And Artificial colours

A young man celebrating Holi
                 In the east, Holi Powder And colours were used to celebrate Holi safely, using turmeric, moon paste, flower extract and leaf extract. Once the colours used to celebrate Holi, the spring-flowering trees have become more rare, because the chemical manufactured industrial colours are used for their location in almost all urban India. Due to commercial availability of attractive pigments, gradually natural colours are replaced by synthetic colours. 

                      As a result, it causes severe symptoms of inflammation and inflammation of the skin. The quality of these colours and lack of control over the content is a problem because they are often sold by vendors who do not know their origin.

                 A 2007 study found that the artificial blush-green dies, Malachite Green, used in several colours during Holi festival, was responsible for the inflammation of the eye in Delhi if it did not wash the eyes. Although studies have found that pigment does not pass through Cornea, mallet green is a concern and it needs to be studied further.

                  The second 2009 study states that there are metal-based industrial colours in some of the colours manufactured and sold in India, which increase the skin problems of some people in the days following Holi. These colours are made in India, especially by small informal businesses, without any quality check and sold freely in the market. Colours are sold without labelling, and there is a lack of information about consumer colours, their contents, and the source of possible toxic effects. In recent years, many non-governmental organizations have started campaigning for safe practices using colours. There are series of production and sales of safe colours obtained from natural sources such as some vegetables and flowers..

                   The method of powder application in the concert creates "extremely heavy moist cloud on the stage and its immediate close". The people near the stage were standing in the coloured cornstarch powdered knee and were suspended in the air using powder air bows and compressed gas canisters. Early detonation of the blast suggested that suspected cornstarch powder could be ignited by cigarette or spark. The Asia-Forest Report states that in such a blast, not only in certain crop conditions, but also with crop milk, powder milk, soy flour, cornflower, rice dust, spice powder, sugar, tapioca, cocoa powder, coconut shell dust, coffee dust, Garlic Powder, grass dust, malted hops, lemon peel, oatmeal, peanut skins, tea and tobacco ", and" the crucial element is not the formation of powder, but it can be eaten with high flame near nearby flame Have been.

                    These reports galvanized many groups to promote Holi's more natural celebration. Through development options, Delhi and Kalpavik, Kalpavik Environment Action Group, Pune, The Clan India Indian Campaign and Society for Child Development, its Occupational Co-operation campaign, children have been campaigning to make Holi safe, natural ingredients to make their own colours. Meanwhile, some commercial companies like the National Botanical Research Institute have started selling "herbal" dyes, although this is more expensive than the risky alternatives. However, it is noteworthy that due to the availability of many parts of rural India always use natural colours.

In urban areas, some people wear nose masks and sunglasses so that the pigments can be breathing and prevent chemical contact in the eyes.

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Final Words :

                              So, Guys, this is my How to make Holi Powder and I Hope you find our article helpful for you, please do share and comment your thoughts about this How to make Holi Powder.


How to make Holi Powder

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