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Saturday, October 6, 2018

Happy Holi 2019 The Festival Of Colours

Happy Holi the Festival of Colours: if you don't know the Holi the Festival of Colours and you are searching for the Holi the Festival of Colours to learn the holi festival information. then you are in the right place. 

      Today I'm going to share Holi the Festival of Colours for you guys. so, that by this Holi the Festival of Colours in English article you can properly learn about the holi 2019 information.

Holi the Festival of Colours

Holi the Festival of Colours

Play with colours

                     Holi blow and celebration begins after the Holocaust Bonfire in the morning. There is no tradition of worship (prayer), and that day is for partial and pure bliss. Children and young people make groups of dry colours, coloured solutions and water guns (pictures), coloured water balloons and other creative tools to colour their goals.

                   Traditionally, the use of warm natural plants such as turmeric, neem, dhaka and kumukum were used, but the use of water-based commercial pigments is increasingly increasing. All colours are used. Everyone is in the open areas such as streets and parks, but in homes or doors only dry powder is used to make each other's face fragrant. People throw the colour and make their goals completely coloured. It's like a water fight, but with coloured water. People enjoy sprinkling coloured water on each other. Late in the morning, each colour resembles canvas. That's why Holi has been named "festival of colours".

                  Groups sing and dance, some gamers, drums and drummers. After every step of joy and playing with colours, people offer guangya, mathri, malpus and other traditional dishes. Cold drinks, including adult drinks, are also part of the Holi festival, based on local narcotics medicines.

Prepare Holika Pyre for Bonfire

 Shops already start selling colours for Holi in days and weeks
                        Before festivals, people start collecting wood and combustible materials at parks, community centres, nearby temples and other open spaces. At the top of the picture, there is an idol to suggest Holi that rejected Prahlad in the fire. Within the house, people store piglets, food, party drinks and festive seasonal food such as Gujia, Matri, Malpus and other regional dishes.

Holika Dhahan

                On Holi's Eve, usually after the sunset, the pear is lit, which indicates Holika Dahan. Rituals are a symbol of good victory over evil. People gather around the fire to sing and dance.

Other changes

                   When friends go from one holi to another, grouping on Holi, playing drums and music, singing and dancing.

                    In northern India, festivals take place more than a week in Brazil, around Mathura. Rituals go out of colour with colour, and it includes days where men go around the shield and women have the right to play their shield on their shield.

In South India, love of some Indian myths is worshipped and offered by Dev Kamadev.

After Holi Party

                       A day after the game with colours, people greet with washing, washing and bathing, quiet and dressing up and meeting them and meeting friends and relatives and exchange of sweets. Holi is also a festival of forgiveness and a new start-up festival, which aims to create harmony in society.

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Final Words :

So, Guys, this is my Happy Holi the Festival of Colours and I Hope you find our article helpful for you, please do share and comment your thoughts about this Happy Holi the Festival of Colours.


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